Shri Udaneshwara Temple Perdala

The place got its name from the river Varadha flowing in front of the temple. Earlier this place was called Varadhala. But later due to the English influence on the pronunciation, it is thought that the name got modified from 'dha' to 'da' and finally, it became PERDALA.

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Perdala Temple, the abode of Lord Udaneshwara swamy along with Lord Kuttichatha(Kukshi Shastara), and Sri Shastara swamy is an ancient and famous shrine of Kasaragd District. This holly shrine is situated with all its full Devine Aura on the western bank of the holly river ‘Varada’ (Perdala River) in a serene and picturesque terrain of mother nature with lush green surroundings. Hence even though it is only within a 2Kms. proximity of Badiadka town, the divine abode is free from the bustle of modern life. Presently, Sri   Udaneshwara Temple is developing into major pilgrimage center of Kasaragod District. A lot many pilgrims hailing from different states of our country visit this holly shrine throughout the year and become hallowed by the blessings of the devotees worshipped in the temple.

When somebody happened to loose some precious and valuable thing, by misplacement or by theft or even plunged in any other darkest ever hours of life, agony invades the mind with all its desperation…

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