Lord Udaneshwara, the presiding deity is worshipped thrice in a day (i.e, trikala pooja) and subsidiary deities Sri Kukshi Shastara and Sri Shastara are worshipped during noon only. Besides routine poojas other special poojas and sevas are conducted, which are offered by the visiting devotees.

Annual Festival:

The annual festival of the temple is conducted on Dhanu Sankranthi (Mid December) with all fervour and pomp. Thousands of devotees gather to celebrate the festival. Mahashivarathri (Feb/March) festival is also celebrated exultantly with identical fervour. Thulabhara votive offerings are arranged during both of these festivals.

On the day of annual festival Bhajana, classical music concert, Bhakti rasa manjari, Thulabara seva, Mahapooja, Annadanam and at night, Deeparadhana, Ranga pooja, Dharshana bali utsava, Rajangana Prasada distribution (the following day) are the main programmes.

Mahashivarathri Festival:

During the following day noon of Mahashivarathri, ‘Daivakola’ (Devine dance) of Vyaghrachamundi (Pilichamundi) is performed, in front of the temple and Prasadam is distributed there in.

Other Festivals:

There are five distinct sacred groves (Vana) in which “Thambilas” are offered periodically in the particular auspicious days to Raktheshwari, Naga, Guliga and Pilichamundi. In addition to these festivals Navarathri pooja, One day Dhanupooja, Nagara panchami, Vrischikamasa special seva, Annual Balivadu koota, Sri Sathyanarayayana pooja etc are conducted with the whole-hearted co-operation of the devotees and the temple staff.