Lord-Sri-Kukshishsthara Lord-Sri-Udaneshwara Lord-Sri-Shsthara
Lord Sri Kukshishsthara Lord Sri Udaneshwara Lord Sri Shsthara

Sri Shasthara:

One of the residing deities of the temple is Sri Shasthara. This god is commonly known as Lord Aiyyappa of the foothills of Sri Shabari Mala in Kerala. Every year, Lord Aiyyappa’s devotees take their oath in the presence of this Lord Shasthara, at the Udaneshwara temple, before going on a pilgrimage to Shabari Mala. Interestingly this Lord gets his mid-day meal as offering only once in a day.Generally a ‘payasam‘ is offered to Lord Shasthara in the form os seva.

Sri Udaneshwra:

Legend goes that the presiding deity here, though looks like Lord Shiva alone and unaccompanied. He is actually accompanied by his consort Goddess Parvathi Devi. In other words, the deity here is ‘ARDHA-NAAREESHWARA’. This God gets adorned with a silver body/face. This god is offered with 2 Abhishekam’s (Morning and afternoon) with an exception of a third one at night on the day of Pradosham (Thrayodashi Thithi), twice a month. Abhishekam is accompanied with the vedic chanting of Sri Rudram followed by Chamakam. On the othet hand pooja to this deity is done thrice a day including night. Main offering to this lord is Shiva Pooja, Rudrabhishekam and Sarva Saannidhya Seva where all the three deities are worshipped.

Sri Kukshishasthara/Kuttichathan:

This deity is considered to be the most powerful god,especially because he fulfils the wishes of his devotees quite instantly!! People generally make a wish to offer ‘Jodu Pade or Pade‘ to this Lord, when they lose a precious thing/belonging. It is believed that in the olden days, when the cattle went missing, people would take a vow to offer ‘Jodu Pade or Pade‘ on tracing the animals. Not just this, when a tragedy fell/ when people went through a troubled phase, they would beg Kuttichathan to solve the problems. When he solved, He was lovingly offered with ‘Pade‘.

Sri Pili Chamundi / Vyagra Chamundi:

Lord Shiva’s dwelling means a home for Him and His ‘Gana’s or the Demi-Gods‘ . One of His ‘Gana’s‘ here is called Pili Chamundi or Vyagra Chamundi. This Demi-god appears once a year, during Maha Shivarathri, in the form of annual ‘KOLA‘ to Pili Chamundi on the very next day of Maha Shivarathri. As this is a Demi-god, there is no specific pooja or offering to Pili Chamundi. Instead a seva called ‘THAMBILA‘ is performed a day before Maha Shivarathri to Pili Chamundi.